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Lake George Tournaments

Lake George Tournaments

We're back in Lake George this summer for 2 weekends in a row! On August 5th we're running a tournament at Duffy's Tavern, then August 12th we're back at the Adirondack Brewery for our annual event.

We have been running an annual tournament with the Adirondack Brewery since 2016! Every year we have teams traveling from PA, VT, CT, NJ, several NY regions and even UTAH! The Utah crew made the trip across the country the last two summers to play in our social tournament. 

This is our first year running a tournament at Duffy's Tavern & and we can't wait! Make sure to check out Lakeaholics adjacent to Duffy's for Lake George themed apparel as well as custom Ward Boards and bags for sale!

All details will be the same for both tournaments as far as format, cost, registration time, prizes and payout for the tournaments. Both tournaments have a rain date the next day. All the info:

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